Climbing in Mountain Nation’s flagship outreach program.  We run 12 week programs 4 times a year that focus on introducing the students to the basics of rock climbing.  Belaying, building anchors, leading vs top roping are the main focus.  Returning students will learn trad climbing/gear placement, rescue techniques and can even move on to our mountaineering trips if interested.

Our climbing program is a great place for our students to start given the great access to a variety of climbing options near to the city of Quito.  Climbing teaches problem solving, leadership, teamwork and self-reliance (not to mention, it’s really fun and great exercise!).

The difference that can be seen in the students attitudes and moods after moving 15 minutes outside of the city is striking.  The weight of the world falls off the shoulders and they are kids again and can smile, and laugh while challenging themselves at the same time.


Mountain Nation/Nacion Urku student group relaxes after a day of outdoor education programming in Ecuador